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Warren Evershed

Meet Warren, our Head of Research and Development. Warren leads the onboarding of all new products at ECatering, carrying out extensive research beforehand to ensure every product is the right fit for our customer’s needs. Keeping our product portfolio at its peak is a huge skill of Warrens, and by constantly improving and refining the products we have on offer, he’s able to optimise the performance of our business and ensure he’s always working towards ECatering’s objectives. 

Warren is passionate about collaborating with the team to ultimately make our customer’s lives easier by striving to deliver Wow service and products that our customers will continuously trust and rely on. Warren shares the same passion as the whole of ECatering, to work productively with our team to hit our business goals.

To Warren, ECatering stands for working together to ensure we are Backing Britain’s Best, supporting the needs of our customers through a service, products and expertise that we’re proud of.