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Delivering Promises, Not Just Products

We stand behind our word and for any late deliveries due to issues out of our control, our Delivery Promise means that we’ll refund you your delivery charge AND give you a 5% refund on your order.

  • At ECatering we endeavour to make sure that you receive your order exactly when we say you will. We understand the importance of your equipment to your business, and more importantly to meeting the needs of your customers. Your trust is imperative to us and we’re confident in our ability to get your order from our warehouse to your business on the date stated in your email confirmation.


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Terms and Conditions

You won’t be able to take advantage of our delivery promise should the fault with the order not being delivered lie with the customer.

You are eligible to receive the delivery refund and the 5% product value refund if:
1. You ordered an item that is dispatched by ECatering from our own warehouse, and you selected a delivery option for which we provided a guaranteed delivery date from the checkout page.
2. Your selected payment method was successfully charged, and there was no change to your selected payment method after the order was placed.

You are not eligible to receive a delivery refund if:
1. If no additional charge has been added to the order. In this instance only the 5% product cost will be refunded.
2. Items damaged in transit are not covered in our Delivery Promise.
3. The delivery address is changed after the order is placed.
4. The order is dispatched by a third-party seller.
5. Your order is not placed within the order cut off times as displayed on the website. The delivery date may become unavailable within that time frame due to changes in inventory or delivery capacity before you place your order. Your confirmed guaranteed delivery date is included in your order confirmation email.
6. In the event that an issue beyond our control occurs such as technical issues, adverse weather conditions, etc, and we need to either cancel your order or reschedule a new delivery date, our Delivery Promise does not apply.
7. Should we agree to change the delivery date before the product is dispatched, our promise will be reflective of that date, not the date on the original order confirmation email.