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Vacuum Bag Pouches. 20cm x 30cm. Box of 100 Embossed pouches
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Vacuum Bag Pouches. 20cm x 30cm. Box of 100 Embossed pouches

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Sous Vide Vacuum Bags

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    Vacuum Bag Pouches. 20cm x 30cm. Box of 100 Embossed pouches

    Vacuum Bag Embossed Pouches 20cm x 30cm

    Have a look at the incredible value for money offered by these top quality Embossed vacuum bag pouches. Where else can you buy these at such a giveaway price ? This offer is for 100 x 20cm x 30cm vacuum bag pouches, suitable for boiling and all sous vide cooking.

    Made from heavy duty material to provide optimum freshness, a reliable seal and fast, efficient air expulsion, these bags will work in most chamber vacuum sealers including Vac-Tec, Foodsaver, Gastrobak, Sousvide Tools and many others. By using these outstanding bags when vacuum packing foods or for sous vide cooking, you can keep food fresher for longer - in fact it can be up to 3 to 5 times longer than using conventional storage bags.

    These premium quality vacuum bag pouches can be frozen, refrigerated and used in the microwave. Truly versatile, these bags withstand freezing and boiling, and can be used in a microwave and dishwasher. The vacuum bag pouches virtually eliminate freezer burn and can be reused and resealed. Not only will you protect your food from freezer burn but prolong its lifespan while storing. Food will taste as good and as fresh as the day you packed it.

    You can safely store foodstuffs for months at a time without getting damage from moisture or air before they lose flavours or go off. Stored food can then be reheated by boiling right in the bag or cooked / heated in the microwave.

    A further use of vacuum packing bags can be used to pack items for camping or travel and another great little trick is to use them to prevent silver and jewellery from tarnishing............

    Please do not confuse these with cheaper, lightweight bags, these are genuine premium quality vacuum bag pouches.

    Brought to you at under half the list price, this is a fantastic buy !

    Supplied as a box of 100 embossed pouches each being 20cm x 30cm, these are very strong and cannot be beaten for value. Please note these are embossed bags, and suitable for small portable vacuum sealers such as Andrew James etc. These cannot be returned if incorrect

    As the sole UK distributor of Vac-Tec products and main distributor for many other companies, we bring items directly to you from the manufacturer and cut out the middleman, saving you ££s. Its that simple - no compromising on quality, just giving you good old fashioned value for money !

    Product Features and Specifications

    • Top quality premium quality plain vacuum bag pouches
    • 100 pouches per box
    • Each pouch is 20cm x 30cm

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