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Twin x 19 ltr Professional Catering Fryer With Drain Taps

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Twin x 19 ltr Professional Catering Fryer With Drain Taps

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    Twin x 19 ltr Professional Catering Fryer With Drain Taps

    Huge Twin x 19 ltr Tank Professional Series Countertop Fryer for Commercial Caterers

    Exceptional value, professional, huge twin x 19 ltr countertop commercial catering fryer with drain tap. These units are designed to give outstanding performance day in / day out. Manufactured to the highest of standards, they bring exceptional value for money and affordability to the professional catering industry. This is the most up to date model with thermostat cut out and reset switch. This model also features a robust drain tap, unlike some other models which are very thin and prone to breaking / blocking.

    With MASSIVE twin x 19ltr tanks, this countertop sized unit will save you ££s v's the equivalent capacity floor standing fryer and save you space. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to work this one out. Even a chef can see the saving to be made !!

    This model is the HUGE twin x 19ltr version, capable of frying massive quantities in one go, all from a superb countertop footprint. Ideal where there is no room for a floor standing fryer, or no gas. The 19ltr tanks each have a 12 ltr max fill oil capacity which is much bigger than most floor standing fryers capacity. ie Lincat J12, or J18, so you can get the frying capacity you need along with the MASSIVE cost saving you make when you compare this countertop sized unit to a floor standing fryer that costs @ £700.

    Please do not confuse these professional fryers with some of the cheaper flimsy models available elsewhere. These are genuine top specification items brought to you at unbeatable value for money prices.

    Brought to you at over 70% off the list price, this is a fantastic buy

    We buy directly from the manufacturer, cutting out the middleman and saving you ££s. It's that simple. No compromising on quality, just giving you good old fashioned value for money.

    Product Features and Specifications

    • Robust stainless steel manufacture
    • Removable hinged heads with lock and safety cut out
    • Stainless steel lids included FREE 
    • Large capacity 19ltr tanks (max oil capacity 12ltr each)
    • Robust drain taps
    • Max loading approx 6kg chips
    • Baskets included
    • 2 x powerful 3kw elements
    • This item has 2 x 13 amp plugs to allow flexibile operation.
    • Folding handles
    • Micro switch fitted into head for safety cut out
    • High limit automatic thermostat
    • Temperature control 60'C to 190'C
    • Temperature control light
    • CE certified
    • 1 year warranty
    • Dimensions: 690mm W x 540mm D x 390mm H
    • Weight: 20kg


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