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Teikos TS601 500mm Basket Glass/Dishwasher. 13 amp Plug, Drain Pump. Sale Price

Teikos TS601 500mm Basket Glass/Dishwasher. 13 amp Plug, Drain Pump. Sale Price

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TS601 DET PS 13 amp
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    Teikos TS601 500mm Basket Glass/Dishwasher. 13 amp Plug, Drain Pump. Sale Price

    Teikos TS601 DET PS 500mm Basket Glasswasher/ Dishwasher - Made In Italy
    WIth Fitted Drain Pump. 13 amp model

    This top quality Teikos TS601 DET PS 500mm basket glass / dishwasher brings incredible value for money to everyday caterers, whatever the type of establishment you have. It is designed to give outstanding performance day after day in all circumstances. Use it in busy fast food establishments, restaurants, bars, canteens etc. Made in Italy with top quality 304 grade stainless steel, it's heavy duty build brings strong robust reliability to the market and this really is a top quality, great value glass / dishwasher.

    This fantastic unit has double skinned cabinet and doors for maximum thermal efficiency, noise reduction and cost saving, plus it comes complete with automatic rinse aid and detergent dispensers injector pumps along with a fitted drain pump and removable stainless steel wash & rinse arms, ensuring thorough cleaning time after time. You have a fast 2 minute, 3 minute or 5 minute wash cycle to ensure rapid glass washing / cleaning. Also included are 1 x FREE plate basket, 1 x FREE glass basket and 2 x FREE cutlery baskets. Other great features include "rinse now" and auto stop when the door is opened.

    The Teikos TS601 dishwasher will take plates - dishes with a diameter of up to 330mm. During one complete wash cycle it will only use approx 2 litres of water making it a very economical machine to run.
    Produced to a high quality finish, this superb glass / dishwasher will give you great performance and reliability. Please do not confuse this high quality unit with cheaper models as this is a heavy duty robust build unit designed for everyday use by professional caterers. This model has a fitted drain pump.

    Brought to you at below half the list price, this is a fantastic buy

    When you compare this to equivalent models from Classic, Winterhalter, Project, Omniwash or any other glass / dishwasher, you will see that this model offers outstanding value for money.

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    Product Features and Specifications

    • Made in Italy - fully stainless steel
    • Fast 2min, 3min or 5 min cyle
    • 500mm basket
    • 25 pint glass / 500 plate capacity an hour
    • 1 x FREE glass basket included
    • 1 x FREE plate basket included
    • 2 x FREE cutlery baskets included
    • Hot or cold fill
    • Adjustable wash and rinse tank thermostats
    • Double skinned cabinet and door
    • Heavy duty robust design and manufacture
    • High throughput per hour
    • Drain pump fitted
    • "Rinse now" and autostop door open features.
    • Top and bottom washing and rinsing for thorough cleaning
    • Automatic rinse aid and detergent injector pumps fitted FREE
    • Power: 3.3kW
    • 13 amp plug fitted 
    • Takes plates up to 330mm diameter
    • 1 year warranty
    • Brand new
    • CE certified
    • Dimensions 600mm W x 600mm D x 820 mm H


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