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Rational 10 Grid Self Cook Centre Electric Combi Steam Oven SCC101E - 3 Phase

Rational 10 Grid Self Cook Centre Electric Combi Steam Oven SCC101E - 3 Phase

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    Rational 10 Grid Self Cook Centre Electric Combi Steam Oven SCC101E - 3 Phase

    New Rational 10 Grid Electirc Self Cook Centre - Combi Steam Oven- 3 Phase

    This latest model 5 Senses Rational SCC101E 10 grid electric self cook centre - combi steam oven brings unbelievable versatility and convenience to all catering professionals, whatever the type of establishment you have. It is designed to give outstanding performance, day after day and can be used in busy food establishments. This model is the SCC101E 10 grid - 3 phase electric version.

    Manufactured to an exacting standard in stainless steel both inside and out, this top quality Rational SCC101E self cook center - combi steam oven will give a high level of performance, reliability and style, plus it comes supplied with full 2 years parts and labour onsite warranty.

    Brought to you at a massive saving off the list price, this is a fantastic buy

    When you compare this to any other combi oven on the market, you will instantly see what outstanding value for money this unit offers, as nothing comes close to the prestige of owning a Rational oven !

    The latest model from Rational - 5 Senses - is a cooking system that always prepares your food exactly the way you want it. It can inspire you and relieves you of tiresome routines. It supports you perfectly because it works and only works how you want it to. 


    It senses the current cooking cabinet conditions and the consistency of the food.


    It recognises the size, load quantity and product condition and calculates the browning.


    It thinks ahead and determines the ideal cooking path to your desired result while cooking.


    It learns your preferred cooking habits and then implements them.


    It communicates with you and shows you what your RATIONAL is doing to implement your specifications.

    Don't leave it to chance by buying any other brand, this is the ultimate in self cooking centres.

    We buy directly and cut out the middleman so you save ££s. It's that simple - no compromising on quality, just giving you good old fashioned value for money.


    Maximum benefits, minimum consumption. 30% Faster!

    iCooking Control - Simply enter your desired result, load & iCooking Control prepares your food exactly how you want it.

    HiDensity Control - The patented high-performance technology for unique uniformity, food quality & cooking performance.

    iLevel Control - You'll be quicker if you simply prepare different dishes at the same time: iLevel Control shows you which foods you can cook together.

    Efficient Care Control - The unique automatic cleaning system that detects dirt & limescale & removes them at the touch of a button.

    Product Features and Specifications

    • Accepts 10 x 1/1 gastronorm pans
    • Ideal for 80 - 150 meals per day
    • Easy to use TFT colour monitor & touch screen with self explanatory symbols
    • Core temperature probe with 6 point measurement
    • Hand shower with automatic retracting system included
    • Right hand hinged as standard (optional left hand hinged)
    • New & improved CareControl automatic cleaning and care system 
    • Self Cooking control with 7 cooking modes: meat, poultry, fish, side dishes, egg dishes, baked products & finishing
    • Combi-Steamer mode with 3 cooking modes: steam, hot air & combination of steam & hot air
    • Hi Density Control - patented distribution of the energy in the cooking cabinet
    • Efficient LevelControl- mixed loads with individual rack monitoring & load specific adjustment
    • ClimaPlus Control measures & regulates any humidity
    • Automatic Finishing processes for plated banquets, buffets, à la carte, etc
    • On-site staff training
    • Temperature Range: 30 - 300°C
    • 18kw - 3 phase electric - requires hard wiring
    • 2 years onsite parts and labour warranty
    • Dimensions 847mm W x 771mm D x 1042mm H


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