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Quattro 10 ltr Automatic Fill Water Boiler - Rapid Draw Off

Quattro 10 ltr Automatic Fill Water Boiler - Rapid Draw Off

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    Quattro 10 ltr Automatic Fill Water Boiler - Rapid Draw Off

    Quattro 10 ltr Auto Fill Water Boiler
    Rapid Draw Off

    This Quattro 10 ltr Automatic fill water boiler is a top quality professional machine for use in all types of establishments and is designed to give outstanding performance day after day. Can be used in coffee shops, cafes, canteens, schools fast food outlets, catering trailers, kebab shops, restaurants, cafes, sandwich bars etc. The list is endless........

    Manufactured to exacting standards, it has a smooth pour water tap, 35ltr per hour draw off capacity and that all important drip tray - free of charge.

    With a powerful fast heating element, this fantastic Quattro 10 ltr automatic fill water boiler will give a high level of performance along with style, economy and reliability. It also comes with an outstanding value for money price as standard. Manufactured from top grade stainless steel, it is simple to operate, just connect to your water supply and plug in..

    Brought to you at under half the list price, this is a fantastic buy

    When you compare this great unit to other comparable brands like Parry, Lincat, Marco, Burco or Buffalo, you will see what great value this Quattro Auto Fill 10 ltr Boiler offers.

    We buy directly from the manufacturer and cut out the middleman, so you save ££s. Its that simple. No compromising on quality. Just giving you good old fashioned value for money.

    Product Features and Specifications

    • Top quality stainless steel body
    • Simple to operate
    • Easy to clean
    • Automatic fill
    • Powerful fast heating element
    • Extremely versatile
    • Compact and portable
    • Rapid draw off
    • Smooth pour tap
    • 35 ltr per hour
    • Drip tray included FREE !
    • Automatic safety cut out
    • Brand new and boxed
    • Fitted 13 amp plug - simply plugs in
    • 1 year warranty
    • Dimensions 295mm W x 525mm D (inc tray) x 500 H


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