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Henkelman Boxer 52 B52 Lge Countertop Vac Packing Machine. Ideal For Sous Vide

Henkelman Boxer 52 B52 Lge Countertop Vac Packing Machine. Ideal For Sous Vide

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BOXER 52 B52
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    Henkelman Boxer 52 B52 Lge Countertop Vac Packing Machine. Ideal For Sous Vide

    New : Henkelman B52 - Boxer 52 Large Countertop Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine
    Includes FREE SERVICING kit included at no extra cost

    This latest model Henkelman B52 countertop chamber vacuum packing machine comes with twin 410mm sealing bars and a wide large chamber. It is ideal unit for all catering kitchens, restaurants, butchers, deli's and gastro-pubs etc. This top quality high performance unit is manufactured in Europe to exacting standards with a Busch pump and will provide you with superior performance and reliability day in and day out.

    This wide chamber, twin x 410mm sealing bar Henkelman Boxer 52 is great for busy restaurants and kitchens who need large volume and reliable vacuum packing.along with the added flexibility of a large wide interior chamber with twin sealing bars and a fantastic 185mm high clearance to work with. Great for meat, cheese, bakery, fruit, vegetables and liquid. Designed to improve the durability of cooked or raw food. These machines are indispensable for use in conjunction with sous vide cooking.

    The interior chamber has smooth round edges with no awkward sharp corners, thus ensuring a perfect seal and perfect hygiene. Manufactured from premium grade, non rusting stainless steel this great unit will delight you with its performance, large capacity, functionality and ease of use.

    Designed, manufactured and produced in Holland to a high quality finish, this superb large countertop chamber vacuum packing machine will give you great performance and reliability.

    Brought to you at a saving of over 30% on the normal RSP, this really is a fantastic buy!

    We buy directly from the manufacturer, cutting out the middleman and saving you ££s. It's that simple. No compromising on quality, just giving you good old fashioned value for money.

    Click here to see the Henkelman Boxer vacuum packer in action

    Product Features and Specification

    • Easy to clean robust stainless steel body
    • Extra large interior chamber
    • Simple soft touch push controls
    • Programmable - plus 10 default settings
    • Timer control
    • Sensor setting
    • Soft air controlled ventilation for protection of product and packaging
    • 304 stainless steel body
    • Transparent lid
    • Removable seal support
    • Easily removable wireless sealing bar
    • Double x convex 3.5mm sealing wires
    • Twin x 410mm length sealing bars - left and right
    • Ideal for sous vide cooking
    • Extremely versatile
    • Digital controls and display
    • Busch vacuum pump capacity 21m3 / hour
    • Cycle time 15-350 seconds
    • Fitted 13 amp plug / 230v - simply plugs in !
    • 1 year warranty
    • Brand new and boxed
    • CE certified
    • Weight: 66kg
    • Chamber measurements: 520 W x 410 D x 185 H mm
    • Unit dimensions: 700 W x 530 D x 440 H mm


    Due to continuous ongoing improvements, the item may differ slightly from the image shown.

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