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Germ-X Professional High Temperature Quartz Sterilizer

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Germ-X Professional High Temperature Quartz Sterilizer

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    Germ-X Professional High Temperature Quartz Sterilizer

    Germ-X Professional High Temperature Quartz Sterilizer

    Probably one of the best quartz bead tub style high temperature sterilizers available on the market today. This is a premium, top quality Germ-X YM9008A high temperature sterilizer with 1 year guarantee.

    So simple to use. Just place the quartzite glass beads into the inner chamber, switch on and then once heated up, place your items into the tub. The quartzite glass beads retain the heat and diffuse it which then sterilizes metal tools. Automatic temperature is set at 200'C

    As the main UK distributor of these great value sterilizers, we also sell replacement quartzite glass beads so you will never be short of them unlike many other companies who only sell the machines and are no interested in aftercare for the customer.

    Why buy from anyone else. We don't compromise on quality, but just give you good old fashioned value for money ! Also be careful of other company's offering similar products with only a 3 month warranty.

    How to use:
    1. Place sterilizer on a flat surface.
    2. Open the lid and put the quartz beads in the inner chamber. Do not fill more than 80% full with beads.
    3. Plug in to a mains socket, then turn on. The light will come on and the unit will start to heat quartz beads.
    4. Once the light turns off, you can insert your tools (scissors, razors, etc) into the quartz beads.
    5. Leave the tool in for 20-30 seconds before removing.
    6. When temperature reaches 200'C, the light will automatically turn off and the device will stop warming. When the temperature falls below 200'C, the light will turn on and will begin warming up. Just lift up the lid to reveal the inner chamber, and when finished working, you can simply close the lid back over and switch off.

    This Germ-X YM9008 high temperature sterilizer works quickly and effectively so you are not wasting time waiting to long on having your tools sterilized.

    Brought to you at an incredible saving off list price, this is a fantastic buy

    We buy directly from the manufacturer, cutting out the middleman and saving you ££s. It's that simple. No compromising on quality, just giving you good old fashioned value for money.

    We are the sole distributor of the Germ-X YM9008A so you will get the best price and service available.

    Product Features and Specifications

    • Clean white exterior
    • Centre chamber for quartz beads
    • Simple to operate
    • Easy open lid
    • FREE pack of quartz glass beads included
    • High temperature sterilization upto 200'C
    • Kills harmful bacteria and viruse
    • No liquids required
    • Heat resistant body
    • Brand new and boxed
    • Robust construction
    • Low maintenance
    • Replacement quartz beads available
    • 1 year warranty
    • Fitted 3 pin UK plug
    • 75w
    • Weight 1.5kg
    • Dimensions: 160mm Diameter x 150mm High (240mm open)

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