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Gastrochef Programmable Commercial Electric High Speed Convection Oven
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Gastrochef Programmable Commercial Electric High Speed Convection Oven

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Gastrochef Programmable Commercial Electric High Speed Convection Oven

Gastrochef Commercial Electric High Speed Convection Oven - Energy Efficient Single Phase Electric
13 amp plug and play

This top quality Gastrochef Electric High Speed Oven brings incredible versatility to everyday catering whatever the type of establishment you have. It is designed to give outstanding performance, day after day. This oven provides superior speed and cooking performance in Gastrochef's smallest, most energy-efficient package.

With superior cooking performance, which uses less space and consumes less energy, this Gastrochef Oven is small but packs a punch and is attractive enough for front of house use. The oven is simple to use with a smart menu system which can store 256 menus and has built in self diagnostics and is up to 10 times as fast as a conventional oven. This amazing oven can cook a 6-inch sub sandwich in as little as 50 seconds and 8 chicken wings from frozen in just 3 minutes! With speeds like this, it's no wonder that the Gastrochef Oven is one of the most sought after speedy cook convection ovens on the market.

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Example cooking times:
6-inch Sub Sandwich - 50 seconds
8-inch Pizza Parbaked - 1 minute 15 seconds
8 Chicken Wings (Frozen) - 3 minutes

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Product Features and Specifications

  • Top quality convection oven
  • Timer Range: 1s to 15mins
  • 15 min heat up time
  • Last 30 secs LED countdown timer
  • Smart menu system can store 256 menus
  • Recirculating catalytic converter for ventless operation
  • Small footprint
  • Vent catalyst to further limit emissions and odours
  • 15.4 ltr Capacity
  • Single or dual-temperature interface
  • Temperature Range +149°C to +282°C
  • Self-diagnostics for monitoring oven components and performance
  • Stackable (requires stacking stand)
  • Top-launched microwave system
  • Variable-speed High recirculating impingement airflow
  • Stirrer to help ensure even distribution of air and microwave
  • External air filtration
  • 3kW power
  • 13 amp plug in model
  • Weight 77kg
  • External dimensions: 460mm W x 757mm D x 635mm H
  • Internal dimensions: 317mm W x 266mm D x 183mm H
  • 1 year Warranty


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