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Descaler - Ideal For Sous Vide Thermal Circulators and Water Baths

Descaler - Ideal For Sous Vide Thermal Circulators and Water Baths

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    Descaler - Ideal For Sous Vide Thermal Circulators and Water Baths

    Descaler - ideal for sousvide thermal circulators and water baths

    Regular descaling of your sous vide thermal circulator and water bath will keep it in tip top conditions and protect the heating element. Manufacturers will not cover the heating element under warranty if it is found to have been scaled up and if this is the cause of the element burning out then you would need to purchase a new element, so don't leave anything to chance and make sure you descale your thermal circulator or water bath regularly.

    Descaling is critical for keeping your machine in working order. Some manufacturers now include warnings on the box, and in the instructions, that the guarantee which comes with the product will become invalid if descaling is not performed regularly. To keep your sous vide device in the best working order, we recommend that you descale your sous vide devices regularly – this depends on how hard your water is and how often you use your equipment.

    To use simply place your thermal circulator in water or fill the water bath to the minimum level. Then simply add 3 table spoons of this sous vide descaler per 10 litres of water and heat it up to 80c and run for around 10 minutes. Pour out the descaling solution and rinse thoroughly with cold water once all the lime scale has been removed. Wipe any metal items dry.

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    • Very simple and easy to use
    • 300g tub

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